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Staff introduction

  • Chairman      Kazuyuki Torii (Kanazawa University) (Principal Investigator)
  • Representative of WG(1) Shinichi Miyazato (Kanazawa Institute of Technology)
  • Representative of WG(2) Saiji Fukada (Kanazawa University)
  • Representative of WG(3) Yasuo Chikada (Kanazawa University)
  •      Yuka Ishikawa (Director of Fukui Concrete Doctor Association)
  •      Hiroto Furukawa (Director of Ishikawa Concrete Doctor Association)
  •      Eishi Yasukawa (Director of Toyama Concrete Doctor Association)
  •      Yoshinori Okuda (Director of Technology Division, National Concrete Doctor Association)


① Holding seminars and on-site trainings for maintenance engineers based on Industry – Government – Academia – People Collaboration operated by three prefectures of Hokuriku region and concrete diagnostic society
② Holding training sessions and field trips aiming at regional implementation of fly ash concrete
③ Strengthening the collaboration with universities and regional implementation support groups (nine universities) in Hokushinetsu region (networking)
④ Information disclosure through the project’s home page and research result booklets